In AGRIJARDIN you will find a wide catalogue of equipment for agriculture, accessories for manure and urea spreading tankers, seasonal articles such as everything based on wine or oil, for the harvesting of olives we have vareadores, blankets for the harvesting of olive trees, tanks or stainless polyethylene tanks with food used to store oil or wine. We have a basic assortment of products for the maintenance of your car or bicycle. In the fumigation and spraying section, you will find all types of nozzles, pistols and accessories for phytosanitary treatment. In the hydraulic section, you will find third point cylinders for tractors as well as hose and hydraulic routes. In the section of accessories for microtractors, power tillers and motor hoes we have a wide range of implements of the brand, asurcadores or aporcadores, ploughs of spillway (brabán), reversible ploughs (Japanese), grilles pullers potatoes. In the section springs for ploughing and harvesting you will find springs for cultivators, springs for seed drills, springs for seed drills, springs for rakes and balers, also springs for self-loaders as well as alpaca loader tines.

In agricultural spare parts you can find a wide range of blades or cutters for motor hoes and cultivators, also hammers and blades for brushcutters or rotovators, we also have a wide assortment of agricultural beaks, cultivator grids, spare parts for chute ploughs, rotating teeth, spiral arms, chisel arms, vibro arms cultivator, all these accessories made with the best steel and the best heat treatments. In the spare parts section you will find all types of blades and fingers for harvesters such as New Holland, Claas, John Deere, Massey Ferguson, in mowers blades for BCS, Olimpia, Bedogni, Nibbi, Grillo, Losi, Barbieri, Sep, Agria, Ima La Roca, Gaspardo, Aebi, Stockey, Khun, Cima Vicon, Casorzo, etc we also have blades for Vicon, Kverneland, Khun, John Deere, New Holland, Gaspardo, Case, Someca, Krone, Deutz Fahr, Taarup, Poettinger. In tractor maintenance, we have an extensive range of rotary and work lights for tractors, plates, and signs for both speed and transport, seats for tractors. In power transmission, you will find all types of cardans or agricultural transmissions, with clutch, homokinetic, knots for agricultural transmissions.

Here you will find everything you need for agriculture and maintenance of agricultural machinery.

All you have to do is browse through the different sections in which we have organized our stock.